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At Karebears Childcare in Taunton we pride ourselves on our parent partnership. We aim to always keep you involved and engaged with everything that goes on at our Early Years nursery. Call us on:

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Parent Partnership

Parents into play sessions

Settling in sessions

We closely observe and record your child’s learning and development on a weekly basis and this forms the basis of our ‘activity planning’. At the end of each week we will share our observations with you and we give you the opportunity to share with us information you feel relevant. For example, family are visiting for the weekend or there’s going to be a trip to the doctor. We encourage this two way communication as it allows us to prepare your child for occasions such as the doctor or thrive on the excitement that family members visited.

The children love to show you their classroom and what they get up to at nursery and we feel that it is important to build on this and that’s why we welcome parents and grandparents into the nursery for our play and stay sessions. We like to make these sessions engaging and fun for all and they range from our weekly cookery clubs and art classes to reading and any unplanned days that you are available for.  Please get in touch with Karebears Childcare in Taunton for more information on our Early Years nursery.

It is important for your child’s happiness that they are settled into nursery in the best possible way. Some children will take more time than others to settle in but here at Karebears we understand each child’s individual needs to help them settle in in the best possible way.

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