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Older Babies

Babies are encouraged to explore the world of colour, texture and shape. Our staff will aid them in their initial steps towards developing language. We like to offer all babies a stimulating experience from the moment they arrive by exploring heuristic play baskets and giving them access to tactile activities.

Toddlers begin to learn independence and increase their knowledge of the world around them with a range of activities and in the company of their friends. The activities we plan for toddlers range from arts and crafts to singing and memory games and we also introduce numbers and letters to form the foundation for preschool.

When children start to talk and walk a whole new world of new sounds and objects is opened up. We always encourage drawing and experimenting with sand, water, paint and learning to share is encouraged. We encourage the children to develop a love for stories, books and playing musical instruments, which is a fun activity and also mentally stimulating. There will also be opportunities for the exploration of ride-on toys and construction.


Preschool is a great opportunity for children to further develop skills in preparation for “big school.” Concentration increases when a child is in preschool and they are able to develop teamwork skills and group interaction. We arrange our activities to allow children choice, giving them time to explore whilst learning. For more information on our day care please contact Karebears Childcare in Taunton today.

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